Latest AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews 2021: Does it worth the buy?

AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews

The heat that accompany this summer season is always out of hand. Wherever you are, it must get to you. There is no way to evade the scourging nature of the weather. This distressful situation has forced many different options into the minds of many people. Those in their offices are looking for a reliable and portable cooling device while those at home are already complaining of their monthly bills on the conventional AC which cools beyond where they are expected to cool.

Many alternatives are on ground, some cooler devices being portable that you could carry it from one place to another while others are not portable. Some brands of air coolers are even in such a way that you can wear them on the neck. Which ever one you like, the most important thing is for your problem to have solution.

We are aware of the scourging rise heat which makes life uncomfortable and that is why we bring here to you, a profound alternative to the other cooling devices. It might be the right choice for you as it has two functionalities; it can work as an air cooler in the room or a straight fan to just give you cool air. Its name is AirCoolr Desktop AC

It is a portable air cooler that works as a substitute over the wall-mounted conventional AC. The importance of cool air cannot be underestimated. Many people often suffer from heatstroke and other similar symptoms due to the prevailing summer season. To avoid such health challenge, it is imperative to have an air cooler around you, one that is affordable and reliable.

Generally, most people can’t afford expensive ACs and even the casual air coolers because of two obvious reasons; the Air conditioners are non-affordable by a common man with low income salaries and also the high electricity bills they have to pay. Hence, you likewise other people have been looking for a compact solution.

Of course, a perfect solution to this problem must not make us break our bank account. We must not be exhausted just to have a simple air cooling device that can bring down the temperature to our taste. Most times, the quality device is only hard to come by but not too expensive as to make us lose sight of other things. That is why the manufacturer of this AirCoolr Desktop AC made it to be very accessible and affordable to everyone.

In this AirCoolr Desktop AC Review, we will walk you through all the simple steps you need to lower this scourging temperature. We will also let you know the features, benefits and what other users of this device are saying. With these, you can make the bold choice of buying AirCoolr Desktop AC or not. The ball will be in your court!

AirCoolr desktop ac

What is AirCoolr Desktop AC?

AirCoolr Desktop AC is a powerful, efficient and a reliable air cooler. It works more like a personally directed air cooler that cools where you want it to cool. It boasts a powerful but very quiet fan that works with the water curtain and tank for fast cooling without the expensive energy bills that a traditional, bulky air conditioner would leave you with.

Its portable design fits into any space, and as it’s name goes, it is perfect to set up on a desk or nightstand. The evaporative cooling technology requires nothing but an occasional top-up of water, and it even comes with an ice tray for cooler temperatures for even the hottest cities. All you need to boost its effect is to add small ice to the tray with time.

It is both multimodal and multifunctional. With these, you can set it up as you want and utilize it to your taste unlike other air coolers. You can also carry it easily and safely from one room to the other without the any special skill or knowledge. With the different modes, you can choose the one that serve in a point in time. It is more like the control system of the device.

The different modes provide 3 levels of speed control: one at full speed will provide fresh air to sufficiently cool space or a room in just a few minutes; the other is medium to provide the cool air with continuity, and the last at a slow speed to just maintain the temperature of the room. The portable AirCoolr Desktop AC has changed many people’s life by being lightweight and less energy-consuming unlike other portable and powered ACs. So these people were able to concentrate more in their offices or homes.

It contains a 200mAh battery which makes it to consume the least amount of electricity. Do you understand the advantage that comes with this? You don’t have to be worried about electricity bills anymore. Moreover, unlike other air cooling devices, this particular one does not involve many skills or professional training for you to set it up for use. It is easy and user-friendly.

Features Of AirCoolr Desktop AC

Makes noise: This features it to cool without making much noise unlike other devices that rotate and cause some sort of discomfort to people who would need an absolutes silence.

Very portable: You can carry it from one point to another as it comes in small size and also has lightweight.

It acts as an instant cooler: It comes with a cooler technology which helps it to reduce the high temperature in your room within few minutes.

It has a filter to purify the air: It also comes with a filtering slate that helps it to filter off the impurities and dust particles in the Air. With this you will breathe slightly germ free air. This helps your respiratory system as it continues with purifying the Air.

It acts as a humidifier: It is very necessary especially during winter and summer to have adequately humid air. When your air is highly humid or less, it comes with their own problem. So with this feature of AirCoolr Desktop AC, you can be very sure of the Air you are taking.

AirCoolr desktop ac review

Benefits of AirCoolr Desktop AC

Overall there is a huge range of advantages that are being served by this air conditioner. Some of the best features are enlisted below:

Silent conditioning by AirCoolr Desktop AC

Unlike other famous cooling systems, this desktop cooling system works silently, even the sound of fan won’t disturb you while doing any deep concentration work or sleeping. So, you’ll enjoy your quiet time with the device without any interference.

Small LED light from AirCoolr Desktop AC

While this light serves as an indication that it is active, you can also use the light should there be uninformed power outage while you are in a room. Like it is slightly strong as to offer you the need illumination.

High Portability by AirCoolr Desktop AC

The device is portable and you can take it with you anywhere, without having any worry to connect it with the power plug. It must not be fixed in a particular place. If you want to take it from your parlor to your room, you can easily do that.

AirCoolr Desktop AC is completely free of chemical composition

It does not use any chemicals such as Freon to cool the atmosphere, instead, it works on the mechanism of evaporation. You would only add water and ice to increase the cooling effect but not a chemical.

Instant cooling by AirCoolr Desktop AC

The system is capable of cooling the room even in just a few minutes of turning it on as it majorly works as an air refresher to your mood and health. It calms down the temperature and giving you the desired comfort. It is really the best comfort anyone can have.

Air filter by AirCoolr Desktop AC

An air filter is also installed inside the appliance that makes sure the air coming out is clean and free of dust and unhealthy air.

Air humidifier by AirCoolr Desktop AC

Air commonly in the summer season seems to be extremely dry and so people would need to humidify the air in the room for an adequate amount of oxygen to be present while sleeping. A build-in humidifier enables the humid air to be blown out.

AirCoolr desktop ac reviews

How Does The AirCoolr Desktop AC work?

First, you don’t have to adjust the parts individually like other brands of air conditioner. It also does not need to be installed. So you do not need to bother as it involves no specialized knowledge for it to work best.

Basically, it works as enlisted below:

  • It works on the principle of evaporation, the only thing you have to do is adding cool water and ice to the tank. The colder the water the cooler the air will be.
  • Right after adding the cool water to the tank, adjust the setting between the three given options, and you are done with the setting.

After the above, it will cool your room speedily. You will marvel at the speed at which it cools the temperature of your room. You can also take advantage of its small size to use it inside your car if your car Air conditioner no longer works. You can also use it in your office or business place without any hassles attached.

What Does AirCoolr Desktop AC Do?

Blaux AirCoolr Desktop AC appliance does not directly cool the Air as it has four different functions that it performs to get the air right at the temperature you want it to be. The health benefits of these functions cannot be overemphasized. Below are the different functionalities of this device which helps it to summarily cool the Air.

  • Personal fan: You can use this device as a personal fan rather than an air cooler on days when it is not too hot. Just set its setting to its lowest to use it as a personal fan. So you can use the speed control to keep it at a low speed where it majorly makes the Air humid and gives you pure air.
  • Air humidifier: It is very common for the atmosphere in your room to get extremely dry and uncomfortable during the summer season. AirCoolr air conditioner makes the air in your room moist so that you feel refreshed and your health is not impacted adversely.
  • Air filter – A purification filter is also installed in the appliance. This ensures that the air is cleaned of toxins and dust before it is blown out into your room.
  • Air cooler – Of course, this is the main function of AirCoolr portable AC. It can significantly cool your room within seconds so that you can have a relaxingly good atmosphere rather than suffer in the heat of the summer.

Why should you buy AirCoolr Desktop AC?

You may have tried other brands of air conditioning device but found yourself disappointed. With such sad experience, you have since been looking for the best, one you can rely on. Well, if there is anything as best device for cooling the air, this Aircoolr Ac will make a front seat. You see, there are some questions you need to ask before you go for any product.

These questions include: is this product and company reliable? Are they authentic? Would it work adequately? Does the company ensure a refund in any kind of fault or exchange in return? How to install such a device? These questions must come to mind anytime you want the best device to cool your air.

As far as AirCoolr Desktop AC is concerned, you don’t need special technical knowledge in order to install this equipment. Secondly, the company is reliable and offers a money-back guarantee in case you won’t find it enough worthy for you. lastly, it is utterly a workable device that is provided to you with the best-known features at a very affordable price as compared to other conditioning tools. It is also portable and user-friendly.

AirCoolr Desktop AC Price

AirCoolr Desktop AC is highly affordable and cost-effective but you must be sure you are buying from the official online store in order to have the original one. The prices comes with 50% discount and you will enjoy more discount if you buy more units. Below are the list out of the prices and the number of units. The discount plus free delivery comes for a limited time interval.

  • 1 unit is available at $89.99
  • 2 units are available at $179.98
  • 3 units are available at $202.48
  • 4 units are available at $247.47

Best place to place your order for AirCoolr Desktop AC

The original AirCoolr Desktop AC is only available on the official website. If you wish to place an order you are advised to use the button below to navigate to the website. The company also gives other deals and discounts that might also be availed. You can also be sure of the return and exchange policy which empowers you to demand a full refund in case you did not like the product with 30 days from the day you received the device. Should it be a damaged device, you can also place a request for a replacement.

All these things come hassle-free if you bought from the company. You can also make your inquiries should there be cause for alarm. In fact, the safest and most secure place to enter your details for buying this device is at the official website of the manufacturer, reasons are self-explanatory. The link is below.  

Conclusion on AirCoolr Desktop AC Reviews

AirCoolr Desktop AC is an incredible, portable and innovative device which serve as an alternative to Fan and Air conditioner combined. It has been marked as a perfect cooling system being a very small and smart equipment.

The promo price and free shipping makes it a hot cake to make that who wants to cool their air at an affordable cost in this season.

It comes in such a design which I have no doubt that you will like it. AirCoolr Desktop AC is very cost-effective, very amazing in quality and well-maintained installation that is ready to use. So you do not need to have a special skill or belong to a professional class before you can use it. It can be used by all.

Getting to buy this device is also very simple. All you need is to follow the simple steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to the official website of the producer. That is also their online store where orders are made.
  • Fill the form there and ensure your information concerning delivery address is correct to ensure that it is delivered at your doorstep
  • Expect your order within 2 to 3 business days if you stay in the United States. If you stay outside the US, your order will be coming in handy with 5 to 7 working days. This will be the maximum duration for delivery. So no contingency would make it last longer as the company has many alternatives to making delivery very fast. Use the link below to navigate to the official online store.
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