Latest Handsan Wrist Review 2021 : Does it worth the hype?

Handsan Wrist Review

The level this Corona virus pandemic has left us is a level that no one wants to have any germ in any part of the body–whether virus or bacteria. This has inspired many companies to come up with innovative approach to live a germ-free life. Many brand of device to help us get rid of germs are also produced in the process.

In a previous review, I had written on other different devices or gadgets that can help anyone maintain germ-free day-to-day activities. You see the importance of living a germ-free life cannot be overemphasized especially with how this covid-19 spread and with just 3 months killed so many people while others have one complication or the other. It is like there were careless or that some are not wearing a nose mask. No!

Sometimes, all you need is that additional level of protection. Automatic protection that helps even when you forget to wash your hand after a handshake in a meeting or after touching a suspicious surface. We all make the mistake of forgetting to wash our hands after some encounter especially with the confidence that anyone we touch is clean and that every person walking is may not be the agent of germ infection. Some other time, what denies us the chance to wash our hands after exposure to germs is not that we do not have the interest to wash our hands rather it is just that the hand sanitizer is not near to us.

Of course, we know how far sanitizer can go to clear and totally wipe out germs including viruses and bacteria from our hands and body. And we also understand the importance of fighting germs with everything we have got. Here to support the fight is a review of a product that was produced in the United States of America and intended to help in absolutely fight infectious against without looking back.

The name is Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand sanitizer. It is a very powerful approach to limit and totally stop the spread of infectious organisms including coronavirus. A stand-out feature of this product is that it is like a wristwatch that can be worn on the wrist and from there can perform its function excellently. The essence of this review is to expose all the facts about this trending wristband sanitizer so that you know how to use it in order to maximize the stop of the spread of infection. This is the manufacturer’s website.

What is Handsan Wrist Sanitizer?

Handsan Wrist is simply a container in form of a wristwatch that helps to release hand sanitizer in order to meet up with the need to use sanitizer at the right time. We all know how bulky Sanitizer containers use to be but the good thing with this sanitizer is that it is very portable with an ergonomic design that has made it trendy. Handsan Wrist bracelet is a combination of sanitizer and a wristwatch-like band.

Hand hygiene has never been more important in today’s world. Designed by a nurse with over 40 years in health care, the Germ Buhb Hand Sanitizer Bracelet makes infection control accessible, easy, and fun! With 6 different colors available, let’s work together to protect ourselves against the spread of infection. The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Bracelet is designed for use everywhere, every day! It’s always with you, providing easy access to hand sanitizer and helping you reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses by not having to reach for a bottle! 

Made from silicone, it comes complete with an adjustable wristband, 2 oz. (59ml) starter bottle of hand sanitizer liquid (enough for about six refills of the Germ Buhb), applicator nozzle, and filling/refilling instructions.

Handsan Wrist sanitizer reviews

Handsan Wrist Features

Instantly Access Hand Sanitizer On The Go

With the design in form of a wristband, you can just press on it anytime and anywhere to spill out the sanitizer in it. You do not need to enter the house looking or think if only you had traveled with hand sanitizer as it will always be there with you.

Made to be very portable

With its form like a band and its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere without any awkward feeling. in fact, it is only those who know about it that will understand what you are carrying.

Practically carried on the Wrist

With its constant place on the wrist, it offers more advantages to the owner compared to other type of hand washing sanitizer.

Easy To Apply

The application or use of this sanitizer is simple. Just with a squeeze or a press of a button you can spill out enough liquid sanitizer that is sufficient to clean your hands off of germs.

Easy Fill System And Anti Spill Enclosure

This completes the whole ergonomic design of this innovative product. It is easy for you to fill it up within seconds and after been filled up it will not spill out as it has an anti-spillage covering protecting it from spilling out.

Suitable For Anyone No Limitations

With this feature, it can be used by anyone of that is above 7 years of age. It can also be used by both sex whether male or female as it is just in form of a wristwatch.


This percentage alcohol is enough to get any type of germ or infectious organism killed or render it non infectious at least.

Specifications of Handsan wrist:

  • Made of 100% Silicone.
  • It is made in such a way that it is flexible, durable, waterproof and smooth to the touch, sunscreen, no decolorization, no deformation.
  • Can be washed with soap, warm water and then be refilled.
  • It has sizes for adults/ Kids Unisex – the band strap length is adjustable which makes it one Size Fits All,
  • It comes with 1Pc Wristband Hand Dispenser+1× beak bottle.

Please note: Ages 7 & Up – Use With Adult Supervision. Do not mix different solutions. When used with alcohol gel, keep the fire blocked.

How Handsan wrist Works

This very product is not complicated in how it works. It comprises a wearable hand sanitizer apparatus that helps for dispensing sanitizer fluid into the user’s wrist. It also has a reservoir within the wristband that holds sanitizing fluid. There is also an outlet nozzle that selectively dispenses a predetermined quantity of the sanitizing fluid. The whole components are assembled to form one and work to release fluid of sanitizer on the wrist of the owner.

The soft, flexible bracelet contains a refillable reservoir. When you first get the bracelet, you remove the plug on the reservoir and fill it with a sanitizer of your choice – gel sanitizer works best! The bracelet will expand as it fills with the sanitizer. Each refill will give you 6 to 10 normal times of use. Simply fill your bracelet once in the morning and go about your day with no worries. I am sure you will never forget your hand sanitizer at home again due to its design!

How To Use Handsan Wrist Sanitizer

There is a need to understand that Handsan wrist is simply like a container which you fill and refill as need be. for you to use it, follow the following steps depending on the type of sanitizer fluid you use. Here are how to use three different sanitizer fluids.

For Liquid Pumps:

  • Open your Squeezy-band’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening:
  • If filling with a pump, simply lift your band up to the pump’s nozzle and pump directly into the opening.
  • (If product fills, tap your band on a surface to settle and keep filling the opening until full).
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.
  • Choose your cap:
  • –If you are using the Open Cap, there is no need to remove the cap. Simply squeeze your band to dispense onto your palm. 
  • –If you are using the Plugged Cap, simply open the flap to dispense, and plug back in after. 
  • Squeeze to dispense and kill germs!
How to use Handsan wrist

For Liquid Gels

  • Open your SQUEEZYBAND’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening:
  • If you are filling your band with a liquid gel or thicker sanitizer/product consistency (or large bottle), simply squeeze the band while filling the opening and gently release your squeezy to absorb the product. Continue this motion repeating until full. This motion acts as suction for thicker consistency products. 
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.
  • Choose your cap:
  • –If you are using the Open Cap, there is no need to remove the cap. Simply squeeze your band to dispense onto your palm. 
  • –If you are using the Plugged Cap, simply open the flap to dispense, and plug back in after. 
  • Squeeze to dispense and kill germs!

For Loose Liquids:

  • Open your SQUEEZYBAND’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening:
  • If you are filling the band with a thinner or more watery liquid (like rubbing alcohol, etc.), simply pour or squeeze directly into the opening.
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.
  • Choose your cap:
  • –If you are using the Open Cap, there is no need to remove the cap. Simply squeeze your band to dispense onto your palm. 
  • –If you are using the Plugged Cap, simply open the flap to dispense, and plug back in after. 
  • Squeeze to dispense and kill germs!


  1. Time optimization: Before sleeping or leaving home, fill in your bracelet with hand sanitizer, sunscreen, or moisturizing cream. This way, you will never be unprotected.
  2. Hypoallergenic material: Our Biosafety Bracelet is made with 100% Eco-friendly silicone, a hypoallergenic material. Besides being hypoallergenic, silicone material is incredibly soft and comfortable.
  3. Fewer items to carry in your bag: Why do you put heavy products in your bag? If you only use a small quantity of hand sanitizer, repellent, body lotion, or sunblock, why do you insist on carrying the original bottle? It’s not necessary. Make your purse lighter and your car more organized using our fashion secure Bracelet.
  4. Right size for your protection: You can fill in your bracelet with 10ml of any product you want. This quantity makes your hands or skin safe, hydrated, and protected. As we have said before, this quantity is enough for a whole day. It can reduce the risk of losing your favorite products during the time you spend away from home. Your purse will last longer because now, you won’t carry too much weight.
  5. Bonus refill: There is a gift included: a bonus refill. If you intend to travel, just fill in your refill with the necessary product and enjoy your trip.

Where is wearing Handsan wrist highly needed?

If you are looking for how to get over the germs around, then a Sanitizer Bracelets is the perfect accessory for anyone who is exposed to germ-laden environments. This bracelet is made strong enough for daily use in all environments. It’s a durable product you can wear every day. The maker company knew that the bracelet had to stand up to the constant opening and closing, squeezing, filling, and temperature changes. So they made it to withstand all the harsh pressings.

It has also been tested underwater without any issue. It had to go through a full cycle of use for days, weeks, and months in a row. It is a durable bracelet that will last even if you’re in a medical setting, a school, an office, or on the road. You will never have to worry about carrying a sanitizer bottle everywhere because your Sanitizer Bracelets will be there when you need it.

  • Public Bathrooms
  • Medical Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Public Transportation
  • Classrooms
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Retail Stores
  • Factories

Pros and cons of this handsan wristband

Every trending product must have advantage and disadvantage; below include the advantages and disadvantages.

  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is affordable
  • It is portable and user-friendly
  • It has no allergic effect which makes it safe for wearing
  • Care should be taken when little children wear to avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • It is for personal use though it can be used up 10 times before refill

Customer report on Handsan wrist reviews

In a bid to fully affirm that what I observed is similar to what other users noted, I have the following reports from verified customers.

I enjoy the good looks and style of Handsan wrist. It is similar to wristband so I carry it about where ever I go.

John, USA

Thanks to the producer company for making this compact and portable device. Just by wearing it on my wrist, I am already carrying mobile sanitizer. It is really cool. I recommend it to others.

Rose, United Kingdom

Since this pandemic break out I have been looking for simple and easy to use device that can convey alcohol based sanitizer for me. I am glad when I heard about from a friend. Now i enjoy my own with its simple way to use. just squeeze it and sanitizer will spill out in no time.

Michael, Canada

Frequently asked questions on Handsan Wrist review

What do I do if I get a rash or other reaction to handsan wrist?

The good thing about this Handsan wrist is that it is made of silicon which has a reasonable level of protection against possible irritation or rashes. In case you develop rashes on the cause of applying any of the sanitizers, I advise you to change to another one to avoid the rash. This is because there is a possibility of you having rashes or reactions from the sanitizer you intend to use but not from the Handsan wristband.

Is hand sanitizer used with Handsan wrist effective against COVID-19?

Well nothing changed with the sanitizer. the only thing different is the container used. So the container has not alteration effect on the sanitizer and that makes the hand sanitizer to remain active against covid-19. In fact, with this device sanitizers are more potent as it can be used at any point and any where.

If I add alcohol to non-alcohol hand sanitizer, will this be better to prevent COVID-19?

No! If you are using Non-alcohol use it but do not mix both of them. It will reduce the effect of the alcohol based sanitizer.

Why is additional supervision recommended for children less than 7 years?

This is because little children are prone to incessant chewing and licking. So there is possibility of them sucking in the alcohol based sanitizer which could cause alcohol poisoning to them.

Where To Buy Handsan wrist

The safest place to purchase Handsan Wrist is preferably directly from the manufacturer. They have their own website on the Internet where they sell their products. The benefits of making the order through the company cannot be over-emphasized as the user can place order easily by simply filling the provided forms, gain ability to track the purchase till the point of delivery and also, at end, receive original product. 

Every buyer should therefore consider always buying from the manufacturer to ensure that he or she is using only the original. In addition to these guarantees, there are other advantages that justify ordering from the manufacturer. These include, for example, the offer formats that the manufacturer makes available from time to time. 

The immediate advantage of these formats is that several packages are offered at a preferential and affordable price. An example: Buy one of Handsan wrist under 50% discount, buy two to have one free under 67% discount and buy three to get two free under 70% discount. Yes! The company is doing so that you will continue to fight against the pandemic in a smarter and effective way.

Conclusion on Handsan wrist reviews

If you are looking for a very compact and easily wearable device that will help carry sanitizer and release it any time you need it. Then look no further as this Handsan wrist is an answer that is nearer than ever. Its easy to use and portability has made it to trend since it entered the market.

It is simply an innovative way of clearing germs and fighting the pandemic squarely. get your today to support the fight against germs and corona virus in particular. Luckily the producer company made it with discount up to 70%. What are you waiting for again?

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