3 In 1 Spray Glass Cleaner


  • Product Description

       Are you looking for the all in one cleaning device for a car or glass in your house?

       This is your solution. With its very practical 3-in-1 design, you won't need to hold a scraper, a brush, and a sprayer anymore. Everything you need for cleaning is all set in this 3 In 1 Spray Glass Cleaner.

       Use this and you'll do the cleaning faster than ever so you'll have more time for other things you want to do.

       Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle. Lightweight and durable construction, with a gently curved handle for effortless operation.

       All-purpose squeegee for wiping shower doors & walls, tiles, windows, car windshield and windows.

       Multifunction window cleaning with a plastic pole, natural rubber squeegee, and microfiber scrubbing pads together. Scrub, wipe and clean is so easy to complete.

       On the head, there is a microfiber cloth which enables you to easily clean the inside of your windscreen just by simply using water. Dirt and dust from your window cling to the cloth.

       3 in1 function: Spray, dry, scraper.

       Cleaning steps:

       1.Spray on the glass

       2. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe

       3. Use a silicone scraper to remove water stains

       Package Included: 1x 3 In 1 Spray Glass Brush


       Feature: Eco-Friendly

      Usage: Sprayer and brush
      Super fiber + Plastic




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