RangeXtd Review 2022: the best WIFI booster!

rangextd reviews

RangeXTD review:

If you have any part of your home that has refused to always allow you to use your WiFi signal well, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will walk you through simple steps on how to use a simple and affordable WiFi extender to overcome your challenge.

Rangextd review will let you know why everyone is talking about it, what its users have to say and the best place to buy it with discounts. We will also let you know many extra tips which you will not see in other Rangextd reviews. Is it legit or a scam? see details below.

Rangextd review

What is RangeXTD?

RangeXTD is an innovative device that circulates the signal coming from your WiFi and makes it available to your gadgets. It is very simple as it works from the moment you got it plugged into your wall socket. It is capable of spreading or boosting internet connectivity in your home. With it, you will no longer have such an internet dead zone. It is easy to use and maintain as it requires no professional courtesy to work fine.

People who are unable to enjoy their tethering or WiFi before now, have a sigh of relief as this simple device has changed the narrative for good. It is so unique as it secures connections even in the most critical corners. Rangextd also boosts the speed of internet connection. It has many reasons why many people are going for it.

Rangextd is also very affordable and user-friendly. To have a responsive internet connection, you should not close your bank account. The vision of the producer of this device is to come up with a portable device that will be accessible and reliable to many people. That is why Rangextd is quality and also affordable to all. Currently, it has a 50% discount per sale.

Rangextd reveiw: how does it Work?

After Rangextd setup, the next step is to synchronize the router and the Wi-Fi repeater with each other, and then it can be used. The best way to do this is to plug both devices into a power outlet in close proximity. Now press the button on both the router and the repeater.

For better results, connect the devices to the socket the power and then push the button of both devices. You have to wait for some seconds until the light of the Wi-Fi begins to blink. Now feel free to use it in all the corners and the rooms of the home. The strength of the signals and the speed of the internet will be in front of you. The data used by the user can be checked with the attached laptop and the computer also. If a person wanted to use it directly, then he must attach it to the system via LAN cable as the telephone wire connects to the computer.

It takes a while until both devices have synchronized. On the Wifi router, this is indicated by a light. Now the device can be used freely in the apartment and only needs to be plugged into a designated socket. It then connects to the router via WLAN and reproduces the signal in amplified form. Whether the whole thing works and how strong the signal is can be seen very well from the integrated lights, which provide information about it. More is absolutely not necessary.

If you want to use the device directly as a router, you have to connect it via LAN cable, which is also connected to the telephone socket. The access data can then be entered via the computer and an Internet connection is established. But even this is very easy to do.

Placement of the RangeXTD wifi booster

You may have heard before that “placement is everything” when it comes to routers. The same goes for this device. You want to set it up somewhere between your router and the dead zone. It helps to have a clear pathway and no obstructions. Furniture, mirrors, walls, and floors can all get in the way of a good connection.

If you happen to live in a multi-level home, you have to consider the signals that need to travel through brick, concrete, and other materials. Luckily, I’m staying in a dorm with thin walls.

RangeXTD setup

Luckily, technology has brought us to a level where a single push button completes every form of configuration with super ease. Thankfully, when it comes to the installation of this Range xtd WiFi booster there is no big deal. It follows a super simple setup step. Once you follow the outlined instructions, it is assured that even beginners and non-techies will find this device friendly to install.

Steps for RangeXTD setup:

  1. Unbox the package.
  2. Then you press the button written WPS to enable secure encryption.
  3. You then plug in the device and set up a connection under the WIFI router.
  4. You are done with the installation so you can start enjoying your internet surfing.
  5. For more information, you can go through the manual attached to this product.

The ideal place to set it up is in between your router and your dead zone. This is halfway between both areas and serves as a stronger connection between the two. Just make sure there is a clear pathway between the two with as few obstructions as possible.
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Rangextd wifi range extender modes

There are three different ways rangextd wifi range extender works. These three modes by rangextd work to ensure you enjoy the best services ever. It will help distribute the signal to all the places you could not reach before now. Moreover, it will help to distribute the wifi signal to all your gadgets. Below are a quick overview of the modes.

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  • Access Point Mode: This mode is very important as it works according to its name to give access to different gadgets. It ensures an equal level of signals to all connected devices. With this, your family or business center will enjoy uninterrupted wifi services.
  • Router Mode: This mode is what makes people like this router very much. It helps them control how people use Rangextd wifi range extender and what people perceive about it. For example, with this device, you can control the VPN, the websites it can visit, and who should have access to your router. In fact, here is more like the control unit mode.
  • Repeater Mode: If you have been limited from making browsing or maybe you totally do not browse in a particular place in your building. It is now a story of the past as this mode automatically helps you to enjoy your network in a strong and stable way.
Rangextd scam

Rangextd wifi booster review: Specifications

RangeXtd DeviceSmaller, wall-charger-sized device 
Antenna2 built-in antenna
Frequency of2.4 GHz 
Speeds of300 Mbps
RadiationLow radiation interference 
Port1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
SupportsSupports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
Functions with all routers and internet services 
RangeXTD WiFi booster reviews

Features of RangeXtd WiFi Booster

For rangextd to perform the great function it is known for, it has great features, too. These features have been outlined below:

  • Design: It is ergonomically presentable and well-designed to be attractive anywhere you may wish to take it. In addition, it is very simple and portable; you may wish to take it to a conference to avoid the unnecessary interruptions that come with normal tethering or other wifi extenders. Another device designed very well is this top audio speaker.
  • Built-in Antennas: The major work of this device is to extend wifi signals, so it has two functional antennas that help to receive and transmit quickly. This makes the difference between it and other wifi boosters with only one antenna. This also contributes to its 300mbps of signal transmission. This speed is very incredible but it is real. If you are interested in streaming most of your videos or sharing your small phone screen with your television, you need this device and a TV-sharing device.
  • Secure: You are fully in charge of this modem. You will not have to be worried about anything You know everyone connecting to your internet extender. It also stabilizes your signals to offer you the best internet connection, one that is strong and stable.
  • Protects your privacy: The danger with using public wifi or an internet signal at a public facility is that you are using a similar ISP address. like you are using almost the same details and your connection is under the same network. Moreover, these people are people you do not know. Some of them may not means good and for that reason, the network will not be good for you to enter your important information like credit cards and other personal info. Luckily, with RangeXTD, you can now use your personal info without any issues. Your network strength will also be secure for whatever you want to use it for.
  • Very easy to set up: Rangextd is very simple both to use and to set up. It does not take much effort to get it working. It came with an instructional guide on how to get over it and it is very simple for you to do.
  • strength indicators: You will not need to touch your phone or laptop to be sure if it is working as it comes with a strength indicator that will help you know the level of your connection. It has three bars with the compete bars showing the highest strength. With this, the use of this device is not only very simple but very comfortable.
  • Overheating technology: One major challenge to electronic devices is overheating issues. The case is quite different from RangeXtd as it comes with a cooling tech within it. This helps it not to overheat irrespective of the number of times you are making use of it.
  • Manual power system: You can easily turn your Rangextd on or off at will. It is very simple. All you need is a press of a button.

Benefits of Range XTD booster

While the benefits that come with Range XTD booster are inexhaustible, below are some of the benefits you should be expecting from this router signal extender.

  • Widespread wifi signal: It gives wide coverage to WiFi and allows you to use your smart devices in any part of your home.
  • Very easy to travel with: It is very compact and not heavy. This means you can always go with it to any event or conference in order to ensure the best internet connection.
  • Consumes less power: When plugged into a socket, it consumes less electrical power. So it will not increase your monthly bill.
  • Setup takes no time: Anyone can easily use it as it does not require much that start working. It is very easy and fast.
  • Range xtd booster is very ergonomic: It has a very sleek appearance that makes it stand out and stylish when you take it out.
  • Allows quality connection for multiple devices: You can use it for many of your computers or the smartphones of your children. It will offer them a secure connection.
  • Clears internet dead zones: It is principally against dead zones. With it, you are sure that you can browse and stream with your wifi at even the place or corner of your room that you have never browsed in before.
  • Range Xtd booster does not overheat: A major challenge to other internet signal extenders is that they sometimes, overheat. Luckily, you will not notice it in this device because of the technology it is built with.
  • Has WPS for a fast connection: You will not have to battle over your poor internet connection as it will always connect very fast with the help of WPS.
  • Inbuilt antennae: With these inbuilt antennae, you will have an easy spread of wifi to all parts of your rooms. It will also receive easily the signal from your routers and transmit it to your devices.

Who’s RangeXTD USB wifi repeater for?

RangeXTD USB wifi repeater is for those who work a lot on the internet either for professional or personal purposes. It magnifies and multitudes performance of your current data server or can work independently even.
RangeXTD USB wifi repeater is portable, so can be your constant companion outdoors.

Use it during your business trips or engage in-home activities, when you desire a complete uninterrupted supply of bytes.
Dead zone buildings where you don’t get much range. People who keep on surfing the internet don’t like to get connection problems, especially gaming streamers. Ordinary wifi in a big house can’t make it to your room.

rangextd wifi booster

RangeXTD extender vs other WiFi Extenders

There are so many extenders sold online today but not all of them are worthy of their claims, unlike RangeXTD wifi booster which is recognized because it proves all that it claims. This high-selling Wi-Fi extender boosts your WIFI signal and gives you a high-speed internet connection. That is why it has been currently recognized worldwide and is even trending.

It is made of superior materials that don’t allow the device to overheat. This Rangextd WiFi extender requires a low amount of electricity even after using it all day. Aside from being more portable than other extenders, it is very much power to make your connection last long and strong in a no-network area. This device is a portable device that fits in the palm of your hand. Plugging it into any wall outlet in your home can effectively boost the range of your current router.

“He mentioned it has two built-in antennae with a speed up to 300mbps (l wrote this information).l have no idea how this works its magic, but Buddy was confident and that is what l needed.”

RangeXTD scam

Rangextd scam can be a result of buying fake rangextd. Therefore, to avoid such issues, you can make your purchase on the Rangextd website. Rangextd wifi booster Walmart price is higher than the one price you will get it at the Rangextd website otherwise that’s another safe place to make your purchase.

RangeXTD Reviews consumer report

RangeXtd helps my children to use their smartphones whenever they need it. It works incredibly.

Paul, Texas

The Range-XTD is a real miracle. My WIFI hasn’t even reached my kitchen yet and now l can even watch Youtube videos from my garden, relaxed and uninterrupted whenever l want!

Mabel, California

Sometimes we just have a strong change of mind that comes from nowhere, pushing us to buy a product. I came across this device called RangeXTD and decided to try it. I would like to say that it works well for me as I have been using it for the past 6 months without any complaint. It worth the hype.

Duncan, Israel

RangeXTD Price

The best deal on RangeXTD is gotten at the RangeXTD website. This Wifi extender is one of the most affordable and cost-effective options available out there when compared to other brands.
You can purchase one of these devices for $49 from the product manufacturer’s online store. Although that is the discount price and we don’t know when the price would increase.
This is an outline of the packages offered by the manufacturer:

  • One RangeXTD wifi extender costs $49
  • Two cost $99
  • Three cost $112

Rangextd website

The best place to make your purchase for Rangextd wifi booster is on the rangextd website. This will prevent buying a fake one. We have provided you with safe and secure affiliate links for you to make your purchase easier. Use the button below for your purchase.

Customer care information

The information mentioned below about the manufacturer/supplier of the product can be found on the official website :

  • Company address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited
  • Postbus 2026670AE Zetten, The Netherlands
  • Homepage: https://www.buyrangextd.com
  • Email:support@buyrangextd.com
  • United States: 609 414 7087
  • Canada: 778 300 0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: 609 414 7087

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Frequently Asked Question on RangeXTD wifi booster reviews

How strong is the RangeXTD wifi booster transmission?

I found the range of the device to be quite wide. I’m not too sure how far it goes, but for our dorm, it was just perfect. My room is the ultimate dead spot (which is the reason I wanted to get the device in the first place), but after plugging in the device I was able to stay connected. I can stream my favorite media and download music without any hassle. I’d like to see how this works in a larger home. Perhaps it might not work as well, but it’s hard to say until I test it out.

Is the RangeXTD wifi booster worth it?

For the price, yes. Other WiFi boosters are more expensive and don’t offer as much coverage. According to some other RangeXTD reviews, this is by far the best WiFi booster. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and provides more coverage than the rest. When I first tried to order one online, they were completely sold out. If you’re planning on getting one, you may want to get a few just in case. They were on discount when I ordered mine, but I foolishly only ordered one and now regret it. The RangeXtd promises unbeatable coverage and in this sense, it does deliver.

Does rangextd wifi extender really work?

Are you looking for an effective way to extend your coverage and boost your signal? This is a good device for you, it is good for homes with multiple users, offices, and multi-level houses. You can upgrade your existing WIFI signal without having to pay more on your monthly bills.

Does this Wi-Fi extender have a money-back Guarantee?

Absolutely, if you have any reason to be unsatisfied with your Wi-Fi extender, simply return it back within 30 days for a convenient money-back guarantee.

What is the cost of Rangextd wifi booster?

As we stated earlier one of these devices costs about $49 only. There are some special packages for it too. Check out the price section for more.

Can RangeXTD wifi booster be used on all devices?

Yes. Any appliance capable of working on Wi-Fi is compatible with Range XTD.

Are there any hidden costs that I have to sustain as a buyer?

No, Range XTD is a one-time purchase and there is no extra cost for using the internet.

Is the RangeXTD extender affordable?

Yes, with the ongoing discounts, one should be happy to purchase it now.

Does RangeXTD WiFi Booster work?

After trial and error, I did find that the Range XTD worked. Compared to other WiFi boosters that I have tried out in the past, this one is the best. I didn’t have to move any furniture or other devices around, which you can expect if you’re setting up any other booster. I found that the signal was strong in every area of my home, the quality was better, and the connection was faster. But wait, Make Sure You Get the RangeXTD Directly from their Official Website Here, to avoid counterfeit, knockoff versions, or additional fees from third-party sellers.

Conclusion on RangeXTD wifi range extender review

RangeXTD is a device that works as a perfect WiFi extender to offer secure and stable wifi to you and other users to whom you may wish to grant access. It is great with its unique features and benefits. Many have used and reviewed it positively. It is also user-friendly and the setup is not cumbersome and it can be done within minutes. To purchase it, you need to go to the online store of the producer using the link below.

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