Tigress alert reviews 2022: the best way to always defend yourself

Tigress alert

Tigress alert

Do you find yourself wondering how to navigate the social vices within our society? If you are a lady, here is a device called Tigress alert. It is known to help you in terms of danger and alert other people around you about your possible situation. It may not protect you completely from danger but it can raise an alarm that you need help to be rescued. Be it a situation of rape or undue molestation, this device will certainly come in for you.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a suspecting situation, yet we have no solution to it because our voice may not be loud enough to raise the needed alram. What if you have a siren to blow? What if you have something that can easily attract attention to your side. A magic wande that can sort of make everyone around you know that you are in danger. Sure, it is now available. With Tigress alert, you can everyone around know that you are in a precarious situation.

This device called Tigress alert can invite peoples attention even if you are at home or in your boyfriends house. It can tell passers-by that you need attention. This is because it make sound that can travel several meters to register your situation and it does it in a way invites attention.

This post will cover the all you need to know to keep yourself safe in situation of danger. It is a Tigress alert review for you to know how reliable this device can be.

Tigress alert personal security alarm

What is tigress alert? 

Tigress alert is a personal innovative device known to be very helpful in times when you need attention. It makes loud sound in form of a siren to register to people around that you have a problem. One good thing about this device is that it is very portable. This means that you could carry it on your hand, in your purse or in your front pocket anytime you are going outdoor. As an emergency device, it affords ability to press on it easily without the attacker or intruder noticing you have something as preventive as such.

From some tigress alert reviews we saw online, some people claimed that they were saved from being raped by this device. According to them, they were able to draw attention from people around the vicinity who immediately came to their rescue. Other interesting reviews claim the same story. From the features possesed by this tigress alert, it can make sounds of 130DB which is know to travel several meters away from the loctation. The sound it produces is such that calls for attention easily.

It is compact enough to enter your palms. However, you can wear it as a keychain to ensure that you use it at the right time. For you to effectively make use of this device, it is important you do not disclose its presence to even you bodyfriend. This is because you never can tell, he may be a green snake in a green grass. Moreover, several security advisers have warned that when it comes to being protective, you should not easily disclose your safety precaution to anyone. It can make you a victim in their own hands.

With this device, you can afford to go for a date with your stranger friend and be confident that you have a fallback security device to make use of incase situation goes south. It is also advised that you should be strategic in using this device as bragging with it may make the invader to have it as the first target. Use it when it is necessary. Also, do not attract unnecessary attention by using this device when it is not important. Many people who have used this device before now stated using different independent reviews of tigress alert that it is very helpful, mostly students of higher institutions.

Tigress alert review

How does it work?

Tigress alert is know to deter invaders and to also put fear into your attacker. Through the help of the sound it produces at high-crescendo, you can easily attract attention. Tigresss alert is also known to easily operable and highly portable. With it on your palms, you will not to draw a keychain on it and it will being to make sounds that is enough to draw attention from people around.

It is important to ensure you strategic in making use of this Tigress alert. Do not use where people are not rather try to draw your attacker closer to where you can easily attract people. It works up to a distance of about 300 meters away from where you stay. Just that it is very reliable to attract the attention of whoever heard the sound it produces.

How to use Tigress alert

Making use of Tigress alert is easy. This is because you can easily reach out to it and make use of it. Follow the following proceedure to make use it. You can also add from the users’ manual you will receive durig the delivery of the product.

  • pull the pin located inside the tigress alert
  • The ear-splitting 130dD will start going off
  • Watch your assailant flee from you as fast as they can.

In the application of this device, it is important to follow these precaution

  1. Always remember to replace the battery when it is low.
  2. Pull off the hand strap to activate the alarm.
  3. Insert the plug back to turn off the noise alarm.
  4. Do not place your ears on it when this tigress alert is turned on.
tigress alert keyholder

Benefits of tigress alert personal alarm

  • Personal alarms set: Tigress alert portable security device is made for one person. It is small and works best as a defensive mechanism for only one person. You can boldly make use of it at anytime. The sound it makes is non-stop except you are the one that decided to stop. It works best to attract people through the the continuous sound it makes.
  • Easy to carry with: It is highly portable as you carry it on your palms, in your front pocket, or even in your porse. Just ensure you keep it in a place you can easily reach out to it and make use of it for your defense. While you carry it, do not expose it to the next person near you until need arises for you to make use of it. Therefore, it is important you carry this device as such to not attract unnecessary attention before the right time for attention.
  • Disposable battery: It comes with a metal bar Battery(LR44, 110mA, 6V). This makes easy as you will need to replace the battery when it is low. You can also get a new battery each time you intend to go to a place you do not know much of the people attending there or when you have a date with a new friend whom you probably do not know the mindset. The battery is good.
  • The color is most black black. This makes it ideal for night use. The attacker will hardly know that there is already a defensive device on your palm which will attract attention to the scene. The colour is good as you may decide to drop it off the floor. Because the colour is black it is night, locating it easily may not be possible.
  • Weight: Tigress alert is known to weight 37.7g. This makes it easy for you to carry it because it will not cause you t feel pain or see it as a heavy device. It is really a great device to use for easy rescue. With the weight, it is easily accessible to you.
  • Easily attachable: you can easily attach this security device to your keychain to help in time of need. If you are the type of person that easily forgets or you are scared you may be drunk by the time you may need this device, the best thing you can do for yourself is to attach it to your keyholder. When you attached it to your keyholder, it makes easily accessible for you to make use of it.
  • LED Light: while it may be busy making its alarm, you can use this device to attract more attention by the light it will produce that will draw the attention of many people to yourside. It helps increase people’s fast or immediate attempt to rescue. You can decide to turn off this light if you think it will not be in your own best interst for the device to produce light.
  • 130 dB Siren Alarm: Such is a high volume of sound. 130 decibel is high enough to attract the attention of people that are half a kilometer away from where you are. With ths device making such level of sound it is important you do not put your ears on the sound to avoid it affecting your hearing.
  • Tigress alert puts fear on any attacker: When your attackers are coming to you, they believe you do not have any means of defense. According research, attackers hardly attack someone they know will defend himself/ herself easily. So your attackers will be very surprise seeing you pull such strings. When you pull it near to where people are, they will flee your presence. They may run away and never to attack you again. This means that you can effectively make them never to come near to you again especially if the person has been planning to attack you for a long time.
  • You will not be affraid of intruders: When you are not sure who it is on your door or even in your room, you can make use of this device. Yes. simply pressing the button and raising alarm to attract attention will gulp the moral of the attacker or intruder. This will make such a person to run for his dear life. You can make use of this device both in the day and at night. It works very well to assist you.
  • There is a level of confidence your family will have knowning you already have tigress alert: Nothing as sad as your family members bothering about your safety because you are yet to come back early and it is late. On the other hand, when they know you Tigress alert security alarm, they will be strong enough to believe that you will not easily be endangered.
  • High chances of being rescued immediately: Before now, what peole do is to shout when they are in danger. However, you will not need to shout anymore. This device works wonders for you as it will help you to immediately go for people around the vicinity. Everyone around there would want to know waht is happenig to you. They would come to defend you from the danger or attacker. Also, this kind of defensive device, does not mention what exactly the danger is, so it will lure people to come in their numbers for your defense.
Tigress alert reviews

Specifications of Tigress alert

Manufacturer Tigress Alert 
Part Number 30013-40015 
Item Weight 2.57 ounces 
Package Dimensions 4.96 x 3.14 x 1.53 inches 
Batteries 3 LR44 batteries required. (included) 
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No 
Color Black 
Power Source Battery 
Batteries Included? Yes 
Batteries Required? Yes 
Battery Cell Type NiMH  
Tigress alert personal alarm

Tigress alert scam

The most reliable device to use for you defence is Tigress alert. There may be simialar devices online but we strongly recommend Tigress alert because we have seen it in action. Tigress alert scam is real. Therefore, ensure you buy from the official website.

Tigress Alert Customer Reviews

This so amazing. a friend told me about but I didn’t believe her until I tried it out. It was able to save me from the hands of my boyfriend who attempted to rape after the last date I had with him. I told him I was not in the mood but he wouldn’t listen to me. As he advanced strongly towards me, I press my tigress alert and immediately, he was surprised and behaved himself. He has not tried funny games again sine then.

Maria Joe

Living alone can be a great challenge. Not when you have tigress alert. It has saved me tones of times from the hands of intruders who would think that am not around and would come to burglar my home. Whenever the hear the alarm, they always take to their heels. I like the sound of the alarm and how far the alarm use to travel.

Benita James

Tigress alert is wonderful. I wonder how I could have survived in the campus with such device. It is everything I need for my safety. However, I would have prefered it has rechargeable battery. But it is still fine as it is. I recommend it to everyone lady on campus.

Noel Lizzy
Tigress alert ringer

Tigress Alert Price

Tigress alert price is 40$ if you are only buying a single unit. If you intend to buy more than one unit, you will be increasing the discount you will have. This means that you will buy it at individual lower cost. As w have shown you the things to know about this device, we deem it good to also tell you the price and possible the best place to buy it to avoid be scammed.

Where to buy Tigress Alert

The best place to buy Tigress alert is on the official website of the producer where its cost is cheaper. When you get it from there, you are very sure you have got a premium device. You are certainly sure you have the customer care who will respond to any of your concerns at the right time. Find the link to purchase it from this post.

Tigress alert Amazon

Amazon is another place where you see this product. You can also see a good number of reviews from users of Tigress alerts. Tigress alert amazon reviews are made by verified buyers. However, the information you have got here will be extensive and more comprehensive than the one you will see on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (Tigress Alert Review)

What is the purpose of Tigress alert personal alarm?

The purpose of tigress alert personal alarm is for absolute security and to call the attention of people to a possible attack on you. You use it for the best in your security.

Is tigress alert effective?

Tigress alert is effective as it has got all you need to keep your security intact. It works and it is very simple for you to use.

Does Tigress alert worth the money?

The money you will spend in buying this device is okay for it looking at what it will do for you. It is very good to know that this device is very reliable, and the cost of good security should be priceless.

Is Tigress alert any good?

Tigress alert is very good to be used in the campus as a student whether you are a lady or a man. It is also important as you continue to work on the street.

How much does it cost to buy tigress alert?

It will cost you 40$ to buy tigress alert. This price is the discounted one and your delivery is also part of it.

Conclusion (Tigress Alert Review)

Tigress alert review has allowed us to comprehensively offer you this security alarm that you can use to always scare away intruders and call for attention when you are being attacked. It does not matter who is the one that is attacking you. This is because people will certainly come immediately for your rescue. We advise you use this device very well and do not easily expose it less the attacker will go it first. We have provided you an affiliate link for you to make purchase.

We may receive small commission which helps us to maintain our good reviews. However, we are not by any means influenced by such commission to recommend products that do not work.

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